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Yoga Flexer Portable Training Device

Get the most out of your workout with the Yoga Flexer Versatile Portable Training Device. With five systems in one, the Yoga Flexer combines resistance and weight training as well as flexibility. Best of all, it’s all held together by a zipper. The Yoga Flexer features a yoga mat, resistance bands, stretching roller, fitness bar, and handle weights. In addition, the yoga mat can roll out to the length of your choice. It also has foot-holds to secure your feet. The resistance band also offers 25 lbs. of smooth resistance, just like free weights. The entire Yoga Flexer system is the ideal weight for high repetition training. Finally, the Yoga Flexer has an internal foam roller to massage and stretch your muscles after a session. You can take the Yoga Flexer absolutely anywhere for a full-body workout.