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Yelka Minimalist Wooden Christmas Tree

Think about the environment when you decorate your home for the holidays with the Yelka Minimalist Wooden Christmas Tree. Made from sustainable materials and methods, this eco-friendly tree uses the natural beauty of wood to enhance your home decor. The Yelka Christmas Tree comes in three different sizes, making it suitable for any space. In addition, you can choose either walnut, oak or maple wood. Yelka also offers three stand colors including Pure White, Jet Black, and Pastel Green. Moreover, both the cross and square stands provide a durable and sturdy base. Assembling the wooden Christmas tree is easy. Simply lock the stand together using two screws and stack the branches on directly. Likewise, you can arrange the pieces horizontally on the floor or table and run the stand through the aligned centers. Yelka conveniently folds into a flat pack, making it easy to store until next time.