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Woofbowl Auto-Fill Water Bowl

Make sure your pet always has fresh water with the Woofbowl Auto-Fill Water Bowl. The Woofbowl automatically refills and cools your pet’s water bowl without requiring any electricity. Featuring a water level sensor, the Woofbowl begins to refill once the level drops. Likewise, it uses an integrated temperature sensor to chill the water when it reaches 23 degrees Celsius, which prevents bacteria growth. Additionally, the water bowl is easy to mount and clean. To clean the Woofbowl, unpin and lift the plastic cover. Then wash the plastic cover, mechanism and both sides of the bowl under running water. Lastly, pin the cover with the mechanism to the bowl to use it again. Furthermore, you can use the Woofbowl both indoors and outdoors. When using it indoors, simply attach a drain hose so the old water can flush out.