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Withings Pulse Ox Fitness Tracker

Track your activity each day with precision with the Withings Pulse Ox Fitness Tracker. Nestled inside a compact and sleek exterior, this device is able to track your steps, elevation, distance, and calories burned. The Pulse Ox also monitors your sleep cycle, hours slept, and wake up times. Additionally, the Pulse Ox delivers accurate vital sign readings for your heart rate and blood oxygen level. Wear the tracker as a wristband, clip it to your clothing, or toss it in your pocket so it’s always conveniently by your side. Integrating with hundreds of health apps available, the Pulse Ox helps you reach your health and fitness goals by giving you all the information you need to succeed. Compatible with iOS and Android and equipped with a battery that will last you two weeks, the Withings Pulse Ox comes in your choice of black or blue.