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Voltaic V88 Portable Laptop Battery

Charge your devices anytime, anywhere with the Voltaic V88 Portable Laptop Battery. This power bank comes with a 24,000mAh/88Wh capacity, allowing it to charge most laptops, smartphones, tablets, drones and more off the grid. Similarly, the Voltaic V88 will offer an average single charge to most computer models, including USB-C laptops. It also includes ten standard laptop adapters. Additionally, the V88 can charge a smartphone up to seven times and a tablet up to three times. Just use your device’s charging cable to charge straight from the power bank. Moreover, the V88 provides pass-through charging, allowing the power bank and your device to charge at the same time. Compliant with FAA guidelines, the portable laptop battery can safely go in your carry-on luggage, making it ideal for travel.