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Vitra Eames Vintage Table Radio

Add a touch of retro audio to your living space with the Vitra Eames Vintage Table Radio. Based on the original 1946 design by Charles and Ray Eames, this sleek radio takes on a modern twist. True to the original, the Eames Radio features a moulded plywood casing. The stunning walnut wood is complete with beautiful wood grain that’s visible on all the sides. In addition, the speaker portion is in the same place as the original, as are the two dials. Featuring the audio technology of REVO, the Eames Radio of today varies with just subtle differences. Attached is an antenna for better signal while the radio dial is replaced with a modern text display. Likewise, the front has four buttons so you can manage your tunes with ease. The Vitra Eames Radio is limited to a production of just 999 pieces.