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The World’s Best Dog Bed by Ralph & Co

These dog beds have a cooling memory foam mattress wrapped in a super soft yet tough fabric. This has been coated with an environmentally friendly nano-technology which repels moisture and keeps the bed clean and free of dust mites. They are handmade by master artisans in Great Britain so you can be sure the quality is of the highest standard yet the price remains low because they are selling directly to you. Best of all, for every bed they sell, they will be donating a bed to a dog shelter in need. They have picked a material that is the perfect blend of soft and tough. Soft so it is super comfy for your dog to sleep on but also tough enough to withstand 20,000 rub cycles without alteration to the color or quality. They have applied a high-quality zip (no. 5 YKK – for those in the know!) at the back of the bed which means the covers are easily removable and are machine washable. Once the campaign is over you will also be able to buy covers separately so you can change the look of your pet’s bed throughout the seasons.