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Takkon TK-500 – The Solution To Snoring

The new device TK-500 does not remove the snoring; it removes its annoying noise. Due to the fact that snoring could be a delicate problem, which requires a medical intervention, it is convenient for the snorer to gather information and to visit a doctor in order to dismiss any kind of sleep apnea, since this is the most dangerous way of snoring. TK-500 has been created for the snorer’s partner, which is who actually suffers the most. This device is designed and created to mitigate the snoring sound. Their goal is clear: to reduce the snoring impact, but at the same time, they want you to be able to hear a child crying, an alarm clock or any kind of alarm, or to hold a conversation with your partner. The sound is gathered by a small microphone located in the external part of the headphones which is transferred to the device’s speakers and this sound arrives completely filtered. Before using the device, you must ensure that it is charged. When fully charged, it can last up to 20 hours. The blue light indicates that it is optimally charged and it is ready to be used. On the contrary, a red light means that it needs to be recharged. There are two ways to charge the device: using a USB or plugging it into a socket. Say goodbye to the snoring noise now!