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Solo 2 – The Razor Stand & Toothbrush Holder, Reinvented

Why settle for unsanitary bathroom cups and flimsy plastic toothbrush holders when you can get something as cool as the Solo 2 for your bathroom. This is inevitably one of the coolest and minimal, solid-metal razor stand and toothbrush holder for your bathroom. Made of a heavier zinc alloy and two times the weight of the original Solo, the Solo 2 is no pushover. Its hefty 5.0 ounces give it a more stable stance. The interiors of the Solo 2 features a refined and innovative step design, which makes it compatible with most toothbrush and razor handles, both wide and narrow. And most importantly, the Solo 2 comes with a smoother fit too. Specially designed grooves have been engraved at the bottom of Solo 2 to channel water away from the stand in order to prevent build up and keep it dry. Undoubtedly , with its improved design, the Solo 2 will work as a timeless piece you’ll be proud to display on your bathroom counter.