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SMART kapp 42 Capture Board

Streamline your next meeting with the latest technology using the SMART kapp 42 Capture Board. Although it may look like an ordinary 42-inch whiteboard, this incredible device is intelligent and connected. Working with a dry erase marker, everyone invited and logged in to your meeting is able to view everything you write an draw on the SMART kapp 42, all in real time. Colleagues and classmates can remain tuned in from anywhere in the world. With the ability to connect with up to 250 people at once, the SMART kapp 42 Capture Board redefines what it means to be in a meeting. With a touch of a button you’re able to save everything on the SMART kapp 42 to the kapp app library and your smartphone. The SMART kapp 42 Capture Board comes with mounting hardware, three dry erase markers, and an eraser.