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Scoobe3D High-Resolution 3D Scanner

Accurately scan any object for 3D printing with the Scoobe3D High-Resolution 3D Scanner. Eliminating the need for post-processing, this innovative device is accurate to 0.1 mm. Combining three independent 3D technologies, the Scoobe3D allows you to create a seamless 3D model. Featuring a handheld design, the Scoobe3D quickly capture images to ensure optimal accuracy. In fact, you can even put the device down halfway through scanning and continue the scan without any issues. This portable 3D scanner also makes it possible to scan any object in any location. In addition, you can export the model and make any necessary changes in CAD if you want to alter the original scan object. To use the Scoobe3D, target the object you wish to scan like you would when you’re about to take a photo. Then tap the Start Scan button and follow the simple onscreen instructions to capture the entire object.