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SatchelBord Truly Portable Workstation

With the SatchelBord Truly Portable Workstation, the world is your workplace. Featuring a comfy seat, a spacious bag, and a durable worktop, this system combines convenience and furniture. Simply open the case to remove the TabBord, the mobile lapdesk. From there, the bag entirely unzips and opens into a comfortable seat. In addition, the SatchelBord bag has space to carry your documents, devices, and anything else you may need. Perfect for commuters and al fresco hard workers, the SatchelBord is superbly lightweight and ultra compact. You can take it anywhere – even the park. The SatchelBord seat is designed to be ergonomic and kind to your back by offering stability. Additionally, the entire bag uses a waterproof ballistic nylon material to keep everything inside nice and dry. Finally, the SatchelBord is complete with handles and a shoulder strap for easy carrying.