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Romoss – The Powerful Charger Station for Sharing Batteries

Say goodbye to dead batteries forever with Romoss – the 100 watt charger station for sharing batteries. It is a compact design utilizing always-ready, high capacity, portable power banks. So you get to provide your devices with portable backup power in a quick and reliable way. With Romoss there, you won’t be forced to connect your valuable smartphone to a crowded, overloaded and unsafe power source anymore. Romoss solves these problems for everyone including family, friends, colleagues and businesses by providing the ultimate in backup power and charging versatility. No more messy cables snaking around to multiple devices. Simply connect to one of the Romoss powerful 10,000 mAh portable power banks resting in the always-ready 100 Watt Charger Station or grab one of the power banks on the way out and top off your device on-the-go. Once charging is complete, each power bank is simply returned to the Charger Station where it is tested, re-charged, and ready for the next use.