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Ravean – The World’s First Heated Down Jacket with 6X Charging

Get ready for any type of winter with Ravean, the world’s first heated down jacket with phone charging capabilities. This ultra thin yet warming washable jacket is designed to be worn every day with whatever weather you encounter. Giving you heat where it matters, on your chest, back, and in the pockets, the battery lasts for up to ten hours and takes just 90 minutes for a full charge. In addition, this slim battery, which is cased in a dedicated, inconspicuous pocket, can also charge your smartphone up to six times. You simply connect your cable to the battery and run it through the jacket revealing the charging port right where you need it most – in your pocket. The kit also includes battery-free heated gloves with touchscreen capability that plug right into the jacket. The water-resistant Ravean range will get you through any winter in any conditions.