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QLYX Intelligent Smartphone Car Mount

Drive smarter and more safely when you have the QLYX Intelligent Smartphone Car Mount. However, this device is more than just a beautiful mount. In addition to keeping your smartphone in sight, it also uses smart software to enhance your driving experience. As soon as you place your smartphone on the QLYX mount, your device automatically launches any app you need. This could be Waze, Spotify, Google Maps, and so much more. Additionally, the QLYX companion app gives you traffic data, driving statistics, and even a weather forecast. Another convenient feature of the app is that it drops a pin when you park so you can always find your car. Using the stylish QLYX Mount and its app keeps you safe. You have all of the information you need on your drive and nothing more. Finally, the QLYX Mount looks as smart as it performs. Attaching to your air vent or with an adhesive pad, the QLYX Mount is wonderfully minimalist.