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Pupple Smart Pet System

Easily stay connected with your pet with the Pupple Smart Pet System. This AI-enabled device helps you interact with your pet, even when you’re away. The Pupple Smart Pet System consists of several products including the Bird, Nest, and Treat House. Controlled by Wi-Fi, Bird is a robotic ball that comes with a built-in camera while Nest is its wireless charging base. Similarly, the Treat House also features a built-in camera and allows you to toss treats via Wi-Fi. Pupple offers over 20 features, including remote play, remote treat tossing and nudge detection. Complete with 1080P HD Night Vision, you can even keep an eye on your pet in the dark. Moreover, Pupple has two-way communication, enabling you to talk to and comfort your pet. Pupple makes it easy to keep an eye on your pet and make sure they’re getting the care they deserve.