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Primo Pet Station Water Dispenser

Give every member of your family access to tasty water with the Primo Pet Station Water Dispenser. At the push of a button, this device delivers clean water to your pet. In addition, the Primo Water Dispenser provides both hot and cold water. Featuring an innovative design, the water dispenser with pet station allows you to install a pet bowl on multiple sides of the water cooler. Likewise, you can install it on the front, left or right side of the device, making it suitable for any area of your house. Plus, it ensures pet always has easy access to refreshing water. Moreover, the Primo Water Dispenser comes with a spill-proof bottle holder. Complete with a leak guard, the holder makes it easier to load bottles. Made of stainless steel, the internal water reservoir helps prevent bacteria growth. Make sure your family and pets stay hydrated with this water dispenser.