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Practix Customizable Free Weights

Get a total workout from home without turning your space into a cluttered gym with the Practix Customizable Free Weights. Compact and versatile, this innovative system combines both a kettlebell and a dumbbell. The Practix system features a Click&Turn release mechanism. With this, you can swap the weights from the kettlebell to the dumbbell with ease. As you increase your workouts and your ability, this equipment can adjust along with you. The Practix M25 provides kettlebell weights up to 25lbs and dumbbell weights up to 15lbs. The M45 gives you up to 45lbs for the kettlebell and 30lbs for the dumbbell. In addition to this custom weight option, it also allows you to store the weights in tight spaces. You can even take your gear on the go. With over 130 exercises in a single system, the Practix Weights give you that total body workout anywhere.