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Petcozy – A Versatile Pet Bed In The Modern Home

Petcozy is a compact geometrically shaped playground for pets in the modern home. It is perfect for cats and small dogs to play around and take rest in. The elegant design and warm materials make Petcozy a perfect complement to modern interior design. Petcozy’s simple but clever design fits the unique personality of your pet. To make the product work, all you have to do is twist and attach each end to the middle. By varying the number of twists, Petcozy can become a cocoon-like enclosed space or transform into an open-top bed. This versatility makes it both a hiding place for shy pets who want more privacy or a fun place with many possibilities for the pets who are more playful. The simple and bold use of materials present a new design language and functionality for pet accessories. Petcozy is made from high quality pressed wool felt. The soft yet rugged texture is fun for furry animals to interact with and the material is sturdy enough to withstand lots of scratching, biting, and chewing. While not in use, it can be quickly rolled up to minimize storage space- a significant benefit for pet owners with limited living spaces.