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Pawcet Outdoor Dog Water Fountain

Make sure your dog has access to fresh, clean water when he’s outdoors with the Pawcet Outdoor Dog Water Fountain. This device provides clean water for your furry friend whenever he needs it. To use Pawcet, start by connecting it to any standard garden hose. Then turn on the water supply. Your dog simply has to press the pedal with a paw to activate the fountain’s water flow. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, Pawcet has adjustable water pressure, depending on how hard your pet presses on it. Made from plastic, the water fountain comes in a bright red and blue color. Aside from keeping your dog hydrated, Pawcet is also fun for him to play with. Compatible with standard 5/8-inch garden hoses, the paw-activated fountain is a useful tool for dogs that enjoy spending time outdoors.