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OROS Orion Series – NASA-Inspired Performance Apparel

With the OROS Orion Series, you can now get rid of those bulky winter wear and switch to a new range of apparel that is thin but equally warm. This series features jackets, beanies, gloves, and snow pants insulated with aerogel– the same stuff NASA uses to insulate their space suits!! Buying an Orion Series product by OROS gives you a warmer, slimmer, sleeker product than the competition. The idea was to come up with a design you can wear at the top of a mountain and even at home. Those plenty of layers you used to keep yourself warm during winters will now be replaced by a thin, fashionable gear with no layers. Using the same insulation NASA used in their space suits and space shuttles, OROS brings you its line of thin, warm performance apparel. Aerogel is the lowest thermal conductive solid on the planet which does make it the best insulator in existence. OROS makes use of this beauty to turn your winter wear into a comfortable as well as stylish solution.