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Onyx M-16 Belt Pack Inflatable Life Jacket keeps you afloat

Stay safe during your water activities with the Onyx M-16 Belt Pack Inflatable Life Jacket. Featuring a unique design, this wearable keeps boaters, stand-up paddleboarders, anglers, and other paddlers safe without affecting movement. With 16-gram CO2 charge, the Onyx M-16 Belt Pack offers 17 pounds of buoyancy. When fully inflated, you can use the oral inflation tube to add extra buoyancy up to 26.5 pounds. Thanks to its extremely low profile, you can simply wear the inflatable life jacket around your waist without even noticing it. Likewise, its one-inch buckle and body belt keeps it secure around your body. It also has a D-ring attachment for small items. Finally, the Onyx M-16 Belt Pack uses a secure pull to enable quick release whenever you need it.