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OLHO SmartReader Reading Aid

Enjoy reading any text you can find using the OLHO SmartReader Reading Aid. This device is designed for those who are visually impaired. Easily attaching to your smartphone, OLHO comprises a sturdy bracket and a ball head. With this combination, your smartphone can glide over text in books, newspapers, magazines, and more. As it does, it pairs with the OLHO app to magnify the text. In addition to the magnification, readers can adjust the color and contrast of the text. With the OLHO SmartReader features, text is enhanced so reading is possible and a breeze. But, it works with more than just text. You can use the OLHO SmartReader to magnify any small print or font. Finally, thanks to its robust design, the SmartReader is durable and rugged to withstand the reading habits of any bookworm.