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O6 – Free Your Eyes

O6 gives you an entirely new way to stay connected to your smartphone without looking or touching the screen. It will connect to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth and allow you to browse, operate and toggle between any app at the touch of a finger, thereby making the whole process totally “eye-free”. Using O6 is as simple as using a radio. Use touch, voice, and gestures to control any app and listen and respond to messages (texts, emails), news, social posts, and more at your own pace and in real-time. Since everything works by touch and sound, you might just feel like your apps being turned into personal radio stations. The idea of coming up with such a concept came in order to address the risks associated with distracted driving and commuting, as well as the accessibility challenges of the visually impaired. O6 represents an entirely new paradigm of device input and control, combining both hardware and software to power a far more accurate and responsive experience than voice-command based interfaces.