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Nomad Plus – Smartphone Battery Pack And Wall Charger

Frequent travelers can now keep their gadgets charged up on the go with the Nomad Plus. It’s a whole new form of charging solution which adds a 1800mAh battery to any Apple USB wall plug. The power pack is capable of charging any smartphone or USB powered device. The coolest feature here is that even after unplugging the charger from the wall, it can still charge your smartphones on the go. While it’s plugged in with the wall charger, the internal battery pack gets charged too without hampering your original charging process. What you get in return is a handy battery pack you can carry on the go and charge your smartphones whenever it needs a power boost up. The steel reinforced construction is sturdy and impact resistant while the polycarbonate oversized weds makes the entire product more durable. Perfect accessory for your on the go charging requirements.