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NOCO GB40 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter

Jump start a dead battery in just a few seconds with the NOCO GB40 UltraSafe Portable Lithium Jump Starter. Delivering 1,000-amps, this compact lithium-ion battery pack offers a powerful boost whenever you need it. Featuring a patented safety technology, the GB40 provides connections that are spark-proof. Likewise, the reverse polarity protection makes it safe for anyone to use. It’s designed for diesel engines up to 3 liters and cars, boats, trucks, and more with gas engines up to 6 liters. The GB40 also doubles as a power source that you can use to recharge USB devices such as your smartphone or tablet. It even comes with a 100 lumen LED flashlight with modes like SOS. Moreover, GB40 can jump start your vehicle up to 20 times on a single charge.