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Mr. Pip’s Liar’s Bluffing Dice Cup Game

Keep the whole family on their toes when you bring out the Mr. Pip’s Liar’s Bluffing Dice Cup Game. This little puzzler is much more than meets the eye. Each player has their chance to bluff and everyone else must decipher. The winner is the one with the sharpest intuition. The Liar’s Bluffing Dice is designed for large groups but works for only two people. In addition, the unique design of the Liar’s Bluffing Dice means multiple teams can play at once and stack on top. The entire unit holds 30 dice. Taking just 15 minutes per game, kids as young as 8 will love every moment. This family-friendly game will get everyone thinking. It’s perfect for game night or even spontaneous play. When it’s not in use, it acts as a modern and minimalist piece of art.