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Minoumi Handmade Catnip Cat Toys

Give your cat a fun toy that also suits your taste and living interior with the Minoumi Handmade Catnip Cat Toys. Featuring a unique design and special catnip mix, Minoumi cat toys are enjoyable to play with and look at. Minoumi cat toys come in three different shapes: the Big Pyramid, the Mixed Mini Pyramid Set, and the Playing Roll. Likewise, all Minoumi cat toy shapes continuously move around, making them more entertaining. Furthermore, Minoumi products combine different layers for durability. First, high-quality cotton covers the toy, using the same material used to manufacture baby toys. The second layer consists of water repellent fleece, preventing humidity and enabling the catnip to stay fresh for longer. The final layer is the fiberfill, making the cat toy soft and cozy. Finally, Minoumi cat toys are available in three different pattern sets: Black and White, Scandinavian and Floral Cactus.