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MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

Effortlessly clean your floors with the MiJia Roborock Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2. The MiJia Roborock Robot 2 is a portable and effective vacuum cleaner that sweeps and mops. The device works for around 40 to 50 minutes and stops on its own. Featuring a built-in bionic tank, the vacuum cleaner absorbs waters, which moisturizes the microfiber mop material. Additionally, its main brush has V-type bristles, offering a rotation speed of 1350 revolutions per minute. Likewise, the side Z-form brushes provide a rotation speed of 330 revolutions per minute. The Roborock Robot also features a special Laser Distance System and 13 built-in sensors, which it uses to map out and monitor the surrounding area. By syncing to the Mijia app, you can tell the robot where to clean, set the cleaning time, viewing the cleaning process and more. It can also plan the cleaning route independently.