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Magnaframe Frame Building System

Curate your own photo gallery with the Magnaframe Frame Building System. Featuring a patent-pending frame building system, Magnaframe allows you to create your personal gallery wherever you like. Featuring black and white options, Magnaframe packs include Polaroid Originals, 4×4 Classic Square, and Fuji Instax Mini. All packs come with six picture frames for the respective print version. One of the frames is the Master Frame, which has a built-in level. The other five frames hang off of it via magnets built into the sides of the frame. Additionally, the magnets allow you to set up your gallery in any orientation you like. Likewise, you can keep building your gallery by adding additional packs. Just click the second set’s Master Frame to the first and screw it into place to connect two sets of Magnaframes. Each pack also comes with two screws, two anchors, and an instruction manual.