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Maco Magnetic Cable Organizer

Stay tidy and prepared with the Maco Magnetic Cable Organizer. Coming in a pack of three, these devices tame your cables for your smartphone, camera, hard drive, drone, and more. Effortless to use, the Maco Magnetic Cable Organizer has a small slit to slide through one end of the cable. From there, you simple coil, fold, or compile your cable. The two ends of the Maco Cable Organizer feature strong magnets to secure the ends together. In addition to keeping your cables from tangling, this system can also be stored in a variety of ways. First, you can use the magnetic ends to dock your cable to keep it within reach. Second, you can loop the ends through a belt loop, button opening, or anywhere else to carry your cables. Or, you can simply pop your tidy cables in your drawer, pocket, or bag so they’re always ready.