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LuxBox Case for 6/6s by theWTFactory

We have one request with phone cases: keep the phone protected but still be slim enough to retrieve them easily from pockets or purses. The LuxBox Case for iPhone 6 by theWTFactory is the answer. The SlimLine design cuts down on bulk, making this case minimalist yet extremely protective while allowing access to buttons, the camera, and ports with ease. Available for both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S, the LuxBox Case has a silver frame and a patterned back. The walnut wood veneer texture on the back is super stylish to fit with any wardrobe or accessories. The front of the LuxBox Case features edges raised to 1mm taller than the phone, keeping your screen protected from drops and scratches. The minimalist style and design of the LuxBox Case keep it slim enough for both pockets and purses.