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Lunevis Premium Floating Moon Lamp

Watch the whole moon float in the air with the Lunevis Premium Floating Moon Lamp. Printed by a 3D printer, this device features every accurate detail of the moon’s surface. Likewise, it displays both the shadows and the craters. Made of solid wood, the base features specially designed metal dials, offering a stylish and classic design. In addition, you can use the dial to control the color and brightness of the moonlight. To float the Lunevis, connect the adapter to the base and plug it into an outlet. Then place the wooden base and moon lamp on a flat surface. While holding the moon lamp carefully with both your hands, slowly place it vertically to the middle of the base. Once you feel the magnet connect, you can let the moon lamp go and turn on the dial. The Lunevis comes with four solid-wooden base options including Walnut, Oak, Oak/Walnut and Walnut/Oak.