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Luma – Surround Wi-Fi Router

Get your very own network with Luma, the surround Wi-Fi router. The Luma units work together to create a personalized Wi-Fi network for your home. It does this by building a mesh network specially customized for your home’s size and layout. Luma gives you safe internet, your very own network, protection from viruses and hackers, and, best of all, the fastest internet available. Luma is always on and always fast so you don’t have to worry about connection speed. Using the app, you can determine who has access, check your internet speed, set parental controls, restrict access during family time, view the number of devices on the network, and even monitor what your family is up to. Luma is super smart and even tells you the best spot to put the units. The modern design is sleek and inconspicuous and is available in orange, silver, white, and gold.