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Line Dock – Thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank

Experience the smartest and most complete laptop power bank you’ll find on the market. Coming in a 9mm sleek design, Line Dock is the ultimate device featuring a massive battery offering up to 15h of autonomy, built-in storage, wireless charging, all needed ports and an active cooling system for intensive tasks support. Designed for durability and comfort, Line Dock is made out of aircraft grade aluminum giving it a perfect match with last generation MacBooks and ultrabooks. Line Dock offers a 20,000 mAh battery enough to charge any USB-C laptop fully as well as tablets, phones and other appliances. Flip it around and charge up to 4 devices wirelessly. Each Line Dock is available in 256GB, 512GB or 1TB storage and also integrates a active cooling system to improve laptop performances while performing intensive tasks. Line Dock also offers you all needed ports (USB 3, HDMI, MiniDisplay Port, SD Card Reader, USB-C, etc.) to connect any legacy device or extend your workspace with an additional monitor. Your digital gear is just one port away. At work and on the go.