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Lifepack Hustle Solar Bag Collection

Enjoy your life on the go when you have the Lifepack Hustle Solar Bag Collection. These bags enhance every part of your journey. Both the Backpack and Shoulder Bag include built-in power banks complete with a solar panel. With two USB ports, you can recharge this battery with solar power, USB-C, or micro USB. In addition, you can also charge your USB-C devices. In addition, the Hustle Collection features a one-handed secure lock. You can leave your bag with total peace of mind as it also wraps around a fixed place. Along with all this, the Hustle Collection has fleece-lined padded laptop sleeves for devices up to 15 inches. The Hustle Backpack uses leather accenting for a sleek yet minimalist design. It comes in four colors and features hidden pockets. The Hustle Shoulder Bag has all-over vegan leather and tons of hidden conveniences.