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Lepow PIE 6 Battery Case

Clip on battery cases are too wasteful. With the Pie, you no longer need to feel guilty about throwing away that still works. This is the only one that features a sustainable method. This is a new revolutionary battery case, the first one where the battery can fit other Pie case models without having to buy a whole new one again. Choose the one that is by far the most sustainable.Detachable magnets that detach gently without much force needed yet sturdy enough to keep the two pieces together. A short cable allows for less hassle and awkward long cables. You don’t even need to bring a bag since the Pie is pocketable.This is the beauty that people thought was not possible in a battery. With the right size, material and weight, it does not bother the functionality of the phone. Rather than using a plastic housing, it has a matte finish that’s comfortable to hold