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Kobo Forma Waterproof Lightweight E-Reader

Enhance your reading experience with the Kobo Forma Waterproof Lightweight E-Reader. Featuring an 8-inch HD Mobius Carta E Ink screen, this device allows you to read books wherever and whenever you feel like it. Thanks to its lightweight design, the Kobo Forma e-reader is also much more comfortable to carry than lugging around a bunch of heavy print books. Offering waterproof reliability, you can use Kobo Forma to enjoy a good book by the pool or at the beach. In fact, you can even read it in the bathtub. Moreover, the e-reader gives you both landscape and portrait mode options, allowing you to read in whatever way you find most relaxing. Plus, the new page-turn buttons make it even easier to move through your book. Ideal for book lovers, Kobo Forma provides an adjustable front-light that gradually reduces blue-light exposure so you can read before bed.