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Joué Modular MIDI Controller Board

Bring your digital instruments to life with the Joué Modular MIDI Controller Board. This device simplifies digital music playing, making it possible for artists of all levels to express themselves. Made of wood and metal, the Joué board comes with a polyphonic pressure sensor where you place magic modules. The modules provide endless musical options, including guitar strings, keys, drum pads, and 3D control objects. Joué reacts to traditional instrument gestures like vibrato, hitting, aftertouch, and bending. Additionally, the modules are soft and elastic, offering an analog feel. Just connect the board to your musical equipment, add modules, and begin playing. Joué comes with three slots that you can fill with soft modules. The MIDI Controller Board also connects to computers, smartphones, or tablets via USB. It also works with audio software such as Ableton Live or any iPad apps like GarageBand.