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Hover 2 Self-Flying 4K Drone

Introducing the Hover 2 Self-Flying 4K Drone. This well-equipped drone takes all the hard work out of capturing footage. Offering 23-minute flights, Hover 2 uses the power of AI to adapt to its surroundings. It cleverly avoids obstacles and flies all on its own. Coming with its own remote, Hover 2 features a proprietary Optical Radar to achieve depth perception. You can choose one of a few modes to ensure you capture what you need. With AutoFrame, Hover 2 flies, frames, and captures. Omni-Follow centers on a subject and goes wherever they go. Finally, you can use TrackShots which are intelligent flight paths. All of these give you cinematic quality to your footage for a profound feel for any viewer. With your footage, you can access the in-app editing suite for even more control.