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HoloSuit Full Body Motion Capture Suit

Virtualize your entire body with the HoloSuit Full Body Motion Capture Suit. This VR accessory uses haptic feedback to let you enter the virtual world. Ideal for gaming and sports, the HoloSuit also allows you to train for medical and military situations. Compatible with VR, MR, AR, and RR, the HoloSuit features 36 motion tracking sensors, nine haptic feedback points, and six buttons. It captures your whole body’s movement data and uses haptic feedback to send information back to you. Similarly, the suit tracks and trains you in both the virtual and real world. You can use the HoloSuit on its own or while wearing a VR, AR or mixed reality display. Likewise, you can also use it while viewing the avatar on an external screen. There are several components to the suit, including a jacket, pants, gloves, and jersey. It also comes with a head, clavicle and foot extension.