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goBAT 6000 – Rugged and Portable Backup Battery by Scosche

The goBAT 6000 Portable Backup Battery by Scosche has been tested against the elements of the great outdoors. Its rugged and sturdy design are accentuated with deep grooves and grips for better handling and the matte black color. The goBAT 6000 is water and dust proof and has drop and shock construction built according to tough military guidelines. The 6000 mAh battery means that you’ll get a power source to charge your smartphone up to three times and the multi-colored LED indicating lights will let you know when you’re nearly out. Additionally, the clever USB port auto-detects the best and fastest way to charge your devices. Outfitted with a metal alloy loop, carabiner, and fully charged out of the box, you can hit the ground running with the goBAT 6000.