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Gnarbox Rugged Backup Footage Device

The Gnarbox Rugged Backup Footage Device is here to eliminate one of the biggest problems photographers and videographers face: time wasted going through the captured content. Gnarbox is a rugged and powerful device that lets you download all of your content and edit it on the go, no matter where you are. By using its own hotspot, Gnarbox transfers all the content from your memory card to the dedicated app. Once there, you can view, cull, and edit in full resolution. The app is equipped with professional quality editing tools for color, brightness, and contrast adjustments as well as slow motion and cropping. With a backing speed of 4Gbps, this device can certainly keep up with you. Dust, sand, and waterproof up to one meter are no match as Gnarbox is designed to be taken truly anywhere. The Gnarbox is available on Amazon Launchpad.