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Gate Camera Smart Lock

Securely and conveniently control your home, rental property or small business during off-hours with the Gate Camera Smart Lock. This all-in-one device combines a motion-activated video camera, two-way audio, a doorbell, and an LED PIN pad for keyless access to your property. Gate connects to your property’s Wi-Fi and notifies you through the Gate app when visitors, service providers, or delivery personnel are at your door. You’ll see a live streaming video and be able to communicate with whoever is at your door in real-time. And when you’re ready to welcome your guests in, you can open the door remotely from your smartphone or they can enter using pre-assigned individual PIN codes. Every audio and video interaction is recorded and you can choose one of the service plans for storing and sharing your videos. Gate is easy to install, doesn’t require any wiring or drilling, and can be set up in just minutes. Powered by a rechargeable, lithium-ion battery, Gate comes with a keyed lock cylinder and three extra keys, so you can lock and unlock manually if desired.