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FleXon Ultra-Portable Electric Scooter

Introducing the FleXon Ultra-Portable Electric Scooter. Powerful yet compact, this personal vehicle is loaded with smart features to make every journey a breeze. The FleXon is complete with a quadruple folding design so you can stash away effortlessly or even fit in your backpack. The FleXon also features an award-winning removable battery design, allowing you to extend your riding distance with ease. Additionally, it comes with a built-in Bluetooth stereo speaker. Powering the FleXon is a 250W brushless motor so you can reach speeds up to 25km/hour. It’s strong enough to handle inclines and even rough terrains and any commute. Even so, the motor remains quiet and is highly energy efficient. To make each trip as easy as it can be, the front is also complete with a utility hook for items up to 10kg. Finally, the FleXon has safety features such as good handlebar grips, a bright LED space headlight, and electromagnetic brakes. All of this comes together in a minimalist aesthetic that you’ll be proud to show off.