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Fillit Pocket Reusable Adhesive Pocket Storage

Easily carry small items hands-free with the Fillit Pocket Reusable Adhesive Pocket Storage. Designed to stick to any flat surface, this accessory attaches to your laptop, tablet and more so you can transport personal items. In addition, Fillit is compatible with electronics, plastic, metal, glass, laminated wood and more. Likewise, it is ideal for cables, battery packs, external hard drives, earphones, stationary and other small belongings. Fillit accommodates items up to one pound in weight with approximately 7 x 3.5 x 1 inch dimension. Moreover, the reusable adhesives will not damage sealed surfaces. You can also wash the back surface to get rid of any debris, allowing it to return to its original strength. Just stick Fillit to your portable device to conveniently carry your loose items.