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Elf Transparent Aroma Diffuser

Take a deep breath towards better health with the Elf Transparent Aroma Diffuser. Through the use of natural essential oils, this device helps to humidify your space while providing ultrasonic aromatherapy. In addition to the benefits, the Elf Diffuser has an artistic design to captivate you. The stunning shape of the Elf Diffuser includes an elegant yet durable thermoplastic polymer resin teardrop vessel. At the top of the vessel is a detachable lid. Simply flip it over and it transforms into a funnel. The Elf Diffuser combines the wonderful aroma with a built-in LED color light to tap into each of your senses. Rotating between 7 colors, the device gives you a front row seat that is truly mesmerizing. In addition, the Elf Diffuser uses whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology so it only enhances your space. The Elf Diffuser is perfect for any space to uplift your mood and enrich your day.