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CLICKEYbits Fun Fidgety Keyboard Tester

Relieve your stress in a fun way with the CLICKEYbits Fun Fidgety Keyboard Tester. Small enough to fit into your hand, this device combines a stress toy and a fidget toy for anyone who likes to play with keyboards. Made from mechanical keyboard switches, CLICKEYbits have a high quality and strong feel. There are several types of CLICKEYbits available, each of which comes with different switches inside. By using different switches, each CLICKEYbits offers a unique experience. The Classic version provides three pairs of key switches, offering different tactile responses. Similarly, the Clicky version includes six identical keys, producing consistently satisfying clicks. The Silent doesn’t make any noise while the Test offers six unique key switches and clear caps for experimenting. Finally, the fun fidgety keyboard tester is ideal for anyone for enjoys tapping, clicking, fidgeting or rolling things for enjoyment and stress relief.