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Cacoon Kajito Foldable Bamboo Deck Chair

Get more comfortable with the Cacoon Kajito Foldable Bamboo Deck Chair. This outdoor chair combines the benefits of a hammock and deck chair to provide the ultimate place to lie around. Unlike hammocks, you can easily move the Cacoon Kajito wherever you like. In addition, it offers the same comfort and relaxation as a hammock despite being as mobile as a deck chair. Featuring a collapsible and lightweight bamboo frame, the chair easily unfolds in around five seconds. Similarly, it takes just five seconds to fold it back up when you need to store it. The Cacoon Kajito comes with two covers, including one light and one dark cover. Simply select your favorite color or change them according to your mood. The water-repellent deck chair also has anti-mold and bacteria treatment, making it great for your pool area.