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Bluesmart S2 Trackable Laptop Bag

Travel smarter and travel lighter with the Bluesmart S2 Trackable Laptop Bag. Totally sleek, this bag meets all the carry-on requirements for airline yet holds everything you need. The S2 Laptop Bag fits laptops up to 15 inches and provides enough padding to keep it safe. In addition, there’s a built-in location tracking system. If you ever misplace your bag, you can use the Bluesmart app to be reunited. Or, if you accidentally leave it behind, you can get an instant alert when you’re too far so you can head back. This extra smart feature saves you from the hassle and the worry so you can have total peace of mind. The S2 Laptop Bag is complete with a powerful 10,000mAh battery to recharge your devices. Plus, it lasts a full 30 days so you can keep tracking.